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Initiative 1: Departmental Diversity and Action Transformation (DDAT)

Equity Consultants

Is your department in the middle of a faculty search or anticipating a search in the next year or so? U.Va. CHARGE Equity Consultants provide the following services to STEM/SBE search committees:

  • Review best practices in recruiting and hiring, and ensure your search meets those best practices
  • Guide committees and departments in determining the knowledge, skills and abilities a candidate should have
  • Assist in developing gender neutral job announcements
  • Provide committees with a set of search tools to make the process equitable and easy
  • Teach committees how to recognize and mitigate implicit bias in the search process

Equity Consultants are available at any point during the search process, and are funded through U.Va. CHARGE. 

Goal: Strengthen and support departmental efforts to create a positive environment for all faculty, with an emphasis on women, focusing on best practices for faculty searches.

What We’ve Done So Far:
The Equity Consultants have worked with the following departments where they helped increase the diversity of the candidate pools and assisted committees in the use of best practices in their searches: Systems and Information Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Astronomy, Biology, and Materials Science and Engineering.

For more information contact UVa CHARGE.

Structured Dialogues

John Simmons quoteSTEM and SBE departments and academia in general are changing. Increased collaborations, more diverse students and faculty, and changes in higher education all mean faculty and departments need to be adaptable, flexible, and able to manage change.

Through the use of situated learning via case studies, and discussion, Structured Dialogues offer opportunities to examine your department’s approach to change, from welcoming new colleagues to issues of promotion and tenure. Structured Dialogues provide faculty with a means of discussing and planning for change before it happens. 

You can participate in Structured Dialogues as a department or sign up individually for a pre-scheduled workshop comprised of faculty from across grounds.

Goal: Strengthen and support departmental efforts to create a positive environment for all faculty, with an emphasis on women, focusing on departmental culture and climate.

What We’ve Done So Far: Five departments participated in Structured Dialogues between 2013 and 2014.

 For more information contact UVa CHARGE.

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Equity Consultants



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