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Initiative 3: CHARGE Tournament of Ideas


To develop unique approaches to transforming structures, cultures, individual or group behavior, policies or practices which would enable U.Va. and other universities to be more effective in reaching, recruiting and nurturing the talent pool of women in STEM and SBE.

Implementation Plan:

U.Va. CHARGE will sponsor a university-wide “Tournament of Ideas” competition for developing big ideas that would help us make significant progress towards meeting this goal.

This kind of contest is based on innovation competitions which have an extensive history of producing groundbreaking and workable solutions to large problems. In fact, they have long been a staple at the Darden School, and they have recently been utilized at the Curry School as a part of the Open Grounds initiative.

It is hoped such a tournament will be a powerful intervention for transformational change by opening up complex problems to diverse minds and experiences thus increasing the likelihood of potent and effective solutions.

The Tournament of Ideas will:

  • Award monetary prizes as incentives
  • Be jury reviewed
  • Encourage participation from all members of the University community

The Tournament of Ideas has taken place and was centered around the issue of "dual career" issues facing faculty. It was a great success! Read more here:


Tournament of Ideas

The U.Va. CHARGE program seeks to generate innovative solutions, policies, or practices to address the challenges faced by dual career academic couples and the institutional challenges of hiring and recruiting them.  

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