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Initiative 4: Recruitment, Search and Selection


U.Va. CHARGE  grants of up to $1,500 per search to support outreach and travel to identify highly qualified URM women candidates. Funds can be used, for example, to bring an additional female candidate to the Grounds when a travel budget may be limited, or to bring a female candidate back for a second visit to convince them to accept an offer. Funds can also be used to pay for posting job announcements in targeted recruiting and outreach venues for underrepresented female candidates.


  • To provide support for outreach and travel to assist with identifying and recruiting highly qualified women tenure track faculty candidates, especially underrepresented women candidates, in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and social, behavioral and economic (SBE) departments. 

  • Create a robust search, selection, and hiring effort that will actively engage the University community as a whole—with particular attention given to deans and other hiring authorities and search committee members—to cultivate women, with a strong focus on increasing the number of underrepresented minority (URM) woman candidates and hires.

What we’ve done so far:
STEM/SBE departments have brought 10 candidates on grounds for interviews

Request Process
Complete a request form (hotlink that) and send it along with the candidate’s CV and job posting to: uvacharge@virginia.edu.

Academic Search Portal

The Portal provides faculty with best practices in conducting faculty searches, research on implicit gender bias and how to manage bias during searches, information on dual career resources, and a set of applicant and candidate evaluation tools.

Goal: to provide a central location for best practices, research and resources related to faculty searches that supports reducing implicit gender bias on faculty search committees

What we’ve done so far:
The Portal launched in September 2014 during the Faculty Search Seminar (hotlink that). As of October 2014, the portal had 231 page views with 26% of viewers visiting the Dual Career page and 15% visiting the search tools. Visitors spent an average of 3:37 minutes during their visits. 59% of portal users are women and 21% are between the ages of 25-34. Also, several other universities and the Federal Reserve Board are using our portal, especially the implicit bias pages and search tools.


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