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U.Va. Charge Portraiture Project

U.Va. CHARGE wants to highlight women faculty in STEM/SBE at U.Va. so we are inviting you to join in the U.Va. CHARGE photography project as part of the U.Va. CHARGE initiative, Voices and Visibility

This will offer you the opportunity to work with a well-known portrait photographer, Tom Cogill, to create your portrait. Tom is known for working closely with his subjects to create an image. You can decide the setting, how and with whom else you want to be photographed. If you decide to participate, you will, of course, receive a copy of the digital portrait.

The photographs will be curated first as a part of a virtual exhibit that we plan to launch on the U.Va. CHARGE website in the spring of 2016  and then eventually as a part of a larger documentation project with a physical exhibit in some prominent place or places at U.Va. 

We will also ask you for a quote in response to the question: What compels you to be an engineer or scientist, or social scientist and what accomplishment are you most proud of to date? The quote will also become part of the exhibit.

If you would like to be a part of the U.Va. CHARGE Portraiture Project, please click on this link and complete the form. Tom will contact you to set up an appointment.

Why portraiture? Why should you participate?

  • First, women graduate students consistently say that they rarely hear from the few women faculty in their profession about the joys and benefits of being a scholar/scientist. What motivates and keeps them involved?  
  • Second,  providing visible images of women in STEM/SBE fields can positively improve perceptions of women as scientists and accomplished academics, teachers and researchers—whether engineers, sociologists, physicists, economists or biologists

U.Va. CHARGE understands the importance of these issues for our future women colleagues and the importance of changing the cultural perceptions of institutions about women's participation in STEM/SBE. Please consider giving your voice and visibility to future women scholars and scientists by participating in the portraiture project.

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